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    Andrew Childs

    You need to stop flirting around if you are going to go for the gold

    Chapter 43 - As Miss Beelzebub Likes · 2021-06-24T04:05:57Z


    The hero suuuuuucks ass I wonder what would happen in he ate the hero and the saintess

    Chapter 21 - I Grow Stronger By Eating! · 2021-06-24T04:04:56Z


    Depression speedrun any%
    Lets go!

    Chapter 48 - Oshi no Ko · 2021-06-24T04:03:47Z


    Dude need some smack what business really is lolol

    Chapter 50 - From the Grave and Back · 2021-06-24T04:02:16Z

    ℝogan ℂalypso

    don't tap the MCs family unless you are ready to be tapped yourself.

    Sun Obama - 1472.

    Chapter 47: Contractor Shin Ja Woon(2) - Return to Player · 2021-06-24T04:02:06Z

    Andrew Childs

    Nice to meet you bathin, and Mullins new adopted sister.

    Chapter 42 - As Miss Beelzebub Likes · 2021-06-24T04:00:53Z


    eat as much you like that sound rather good

    Chapter 21 - I Grow Stronger By Eating! · 2021-06-24T04:00:22Z

    A Wise Man of Culture

    The art took a nosedive and so did the characters, oh well.

    The Dungeon Master · 2021-06-24T04:00:06Z