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    Blue Ciao

    If anyone here visit this page and wonder if this manhwa is a good read? Let me provide you with some examples.

    The Secret of the Partner Next to You · 2023-04-01T22:41:31Z

    Wandering Ghost of Nothingness

    So she sent them to somewhere with a large time gap instead of outright killing them? Lmao

    The Voynich Hotel - Chapter 68.1 : Omake - MangaKatana · 2023-04-01T22:37:08Z

    ZECTCustomUnit .

    It is an insufferable dragon afterall...then again...even the insufferable dragons we've seen in manga wasn't this insufferable.

    Chapter 51: Twin Fight - Game obu Familia - Family Senki · 2023-04-01T22:36:45Z

    ZECTCustomUnit .

    Kinda reminds of that [Absorption] Kid...the one they call Hajime Lite.

    Keyaru thinks with his dick...Cid is just an Atomic Idiot (the Jojo Pose makes it worse, someone smack him over the head)...Makoto is alright

    Chapter 51: Twin Fight - Game obu Familia - Family Senki · 2023-04-01T22:35:57Z


    Are there any other comics like this?

    Evolution Begins With a Big Tree · 2023-04-01T22:35:23Z

    ZECTCustomUnit .

    If it's a low tier mook...1-3 chapters...if it's a righthand...5-10...however, always show the main boss, even if its just for a second...just to remind readers...THAT'S THE MC's GOAL...this is just his journey.

    The only time you "drag" it is when you play it up for comedy or slice-of-life...but not for something serious.

    Chapter 17: Beastman - I'm the Only One with a Failure of a Skill in Another World's Summoning Rebellion — Until the Weakest Skill [Absorption] Swallows Everything · 2023-04-01T22:32:58Z


    Can't edit this but gonna add more.

    The manhwa is not properly showing the level of power/skills of mc. Sometimes he'd struggle on something easier than what he did before. Like he actually fought a dungeon boss by himself, then suddenly is struggling on carrying weights.

    Still gonna continue reading tho, got nothing else better to do.

    Honestly, my review barely matters. It is just to give an idea of the manga you're going into. If it's bad for other it might be good for you, so don't entire judge a manga/manhwa by title, comments and description. Go through a few chapters and see if you'd like that manga

    I Became a Part Time Employee for Gods · 2023-04-01T22:32:51Z


    Maybe the chinese witch? His former comrad

    Chapter 48 - Superhuman Battlefield · 2023-04-01T22:30:42Z