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    go beat their asses momo!

    Chapter 88 - Dandadan · 2023-01-28T17:37:37Z


    yeah not sure.

    Either he showed him how to do a certain attack, or he cut off some curse or something like that...

    Chapter 23: Chapter 23-1 - I'm Not The Hero! · 2023-01-28T17:36:44Z

    Woomy Nation

    Oh my god I almost didn't recognize the meme until I saw what you said, feels so long ago now

    Chapter 67 - I became the Male Lead’s Adopted Daughter · 2023-01-28T17:36:40Z


    bruh i nearly liu pising myself when i read his name and involuntary.

    Chapter 13: New Recruits Reporting - Beyond the Sky · 2023-01-28T17:35:59Z

    Culture Sensei

    Ok I was REALLY glad that he didn’t “do her” for once I’m ACTUALLY happy that the “Heroes” are here. Also she don’t got that head scar no more?

    I just can’t stop thinking about her and Ragdool now 😭 that was an unexpected turn of events

    Chapter 8 - Wicked Trapper: Hunter of Heroes · 2023-01-28T17:35:19Z


    Im always waiting for such train but we need to be realistic ...

    Chapter 230 - Eleceed · 2023-01-28T17:32:08Z


    to be fair he did say he already sent the message when he first called both of them

    Chapter 31 - The Reborn Little Girl Won't Give Up · 2023-01-28T17:29:23Z


    Yeah thats just a word play from oda, cause he already used neptune, or just like gomu gomu no mi ... we are probably so far from the truth that its gonna get everyone by surprise

    Chapter 1073: Miss Buckingham Stussy - One Piece · 2023-01-28T17:28:49Z


    Dumb woman, just as there parents that want their child to be happy, there are also Childs that want their parents to be happy. So, just have a threesome

    Chapter 19 - Musume Janakute, Watashi (Mama) ga Suki Nano!? · 2023-01-28T17:28:32Z