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    Naki Vny

    Don't worry he's an ex number 1 hero. He'll manage it somehow

    Chapter 311: They're Here!! - Boku no Hero Academia · 2021-05-11T01:04:47Z

    Random Commenter

    The story is going haywire. After the fight with the emperor, he's just now... Somewhere? I honestly thought at least there'll be a chapter where he remembers his dead parents, his lovers, his village, and trying to go back... But nope. Even after this far, he's just immersed in this new life. Now he's getting another girl as well.

    Chapter 447 - Star Martial God Technique · 2021-05-11T01:02:49Z


    That guy shown in the last panel looked awfully a lot like noufumi, correct me if I'm wrong

    Chapter 76 - Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari · 2021-05-11T01:02:28Z


    The MC is like Daredevil, beat a goblin again and again till they dont rape and kill no more, endless cycle, but goblin slayer is like the punisher, the only good goblins are the ones fertilizing the earth

    Re:Monster - Chapter 3 - MangaKatana · 2021-05-11T01:01:33Z


    Anyone notice Adeline called the Sage Schweizer Wilseman, and not Strow??
    Nobody's supposed to know that, as it gets pointed out 45-odd chapters up the line

    Chapter 6 - The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years · 2021-05-11T01:01:31Z


    The puppy is grow up into Wol- nah that's just a big doggo

    Chapter 11 - Charlotte Has Five Disciples · 2021-05-11T01:00:57Z

    Harry Siestanto

    But that magic stone was bigger than the slime! Why are slimes such gluttons...

    Chapter 36 - The Strongest Magical Swordsman Ever Reborn as an F-Rank Adventurer. · 2021-05-11T01:00:02Z


    He's one of those ultra generic pacifist goodie two shoes that would be the protagonist if this was a different story. I hope mc kills him soon since his power is wasted on him.

    Chapter 17 - Incompetent Villain · 2021-05-11T00:58:21Z


    I wonder if the 4th disciple is around same age as her body right now , since she is the only one still child 8 years ago.

    Chapter 10 - Charlotte Has Five Disciples · 2021-05-11T00:57:02Z


    Deja vu i have been here in th8s place before

    Chapter 113 - Strongest Anti M.E.T.A · 2021-05-11T00:55:57Z