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    Rhetorical Save

    Isn't this title just a pledge to be gay?

    No More Love With the Girls · 2022-10-01T23:07:19Z


    Would be funny if someone with an disqus account called red flag came and said hi

    Chapter 27 - The Breaker: Eternal Force · 2022-10-01T23:05:35Z

    The Seeker of Dreams

    Not gonna lie, kind of turned off by how violent this bitch is. Does she not know how to express herself with words? She’s like a damn gorilla.

    Chapter 3 - Married to My Enemy After 10 Years · 2022-10-01T23:04:44Z

    leod coffin

    This chapter goes hard I actually feel so bad for him now but I also didnt realize how hard it was for her this entire time.

    Chapter 45: Noisy New Student Council President - Skip to Loafer · 2022-10-01T23:02:50Z


    It's obvious that Aidan's gonna win. But I'm excited to see how they torture those two.

    Chapter 25: Magic Duel - Academy’s Undercover Professor · 2022-10-01T23:00:26Z


    An endurance fight with ippos punches sounds nut
    I really respect it

    Hajime no Ippo - Chapter 418 : Dempsey Destruction - MangaKatana · 2022-10-01T23:00:22Z


    I'm not sure if it was mentioned or not....but can't he just memorize some sniper rifle blueprints from the real world and have the blacksmith in the game build it?

    Chapter 89 - Arcane Sniper · 2022-10-01T22:58:18Z