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    Is this real or fiction? Does Korean people arrogantly bully their delivery couriers?

    Chapter 26: Find it out yourself if you're curious. - Daddy Goes to School · 2021-07-29T07:41:58Z

    Yuu Otosaka

    From being sadistic, think of herself as strong and scary
    I really enjoy this

    Chapter 41 - Destiny Lovers · 2021-07-29T07:39:26Z

    Soul King

    Yea, incest is common and legal there

    Chapter 3 - Daddy Goes to School · 2021-07-29T07:36:48Z


    Another reason for disqualification I would think is that the new competitor isn't even a god either.

    Chapter 50: A Dark Cloud Hangs - Record of Ragnarok · 2021-07-29T07:35:03Z

    Akemi Rakoyou

    They here cute as kids but now they got hotter

    Chapter 3: Episode 3 - See You in My 19th Life · 2021-07-29T07:33:31Z


    idk man, guess it's their way of trying to make sense of having gods from different regions and beliefs and such all exist cohesively. Would be kind of weird to have Hades rule over the underworld and whichever norse god(s) rule over helheim (I'm not too familiar with which) and pretend that the underworld and helheim are totally different things. I'm sure there are probably differences between them in mythology but I'd assume they are still pretty similar in concept.

    Please don't roast me too hard for my lack of knowledge, I'm just trying make sense of it. At least part of their decisions though are probably going to chalk up to creative liberty, like others have mentioned.

    Chapter 50: A Dark Cloud Hangs - Record of Ragnarok · 2021-07-29T07:31:54Z