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    Jacob Oswalt

    Buddy you back the fuck up frkm the MC before the ML takes yer head off. Poor ML🥺

    Chapter 68 - My Secretly Hot Husband · 2021-11-27T20:22:23Z


    Well.... it looks like everyone knows it now

    Chapter 34: Episode 34 - Mother, I'm Sorry · 2021-11-27T20:19:49Z

    Woomy Nation

    Eh? It's back for some extras, thought this was already finished.

    Chapter 56.7: Good Couple Day 2021 - LAST GAME · 2021-11-27T20:18:30Z


    Akuyaku Reijou no Shitsuji-sama Hametsu
    pretty solid read 9/10 mc kinda stupid but hella smart

    Chapter 31 - Maou ni Natta node, Dungeon Tsukutte Jingai Musume to Honobono suru · 2021-11-27T20:14:49Z


    Your speed is unmatched you god among weebs

    Chapter 28 - Return of the Legendary Spear Knight · 2021-11-27T20:12:47Z


    Nah I think he's on slave number 4 or 5. He has the 2 guys in pizza shop, the other guy in the glasses and somebody else. Fogort who

    Chapter 116 - The Descent of the Demonic Master · 2021-11-27T20:12:07Z

    A fuckin weeb

    Guts told her to kill herself cuz he's been through what she's been through he wants to do it himself but he's so driven by revenge he can't do it he wants her to not suffer like he did he's a fuckin considerate man

    What a chad

    Berserk - Chapter 0.8: The Guardians of Desire (6) - MangaKatana · 2021-11-27T20:10:48Z

    Han Rasmussen

    I was wondering about the name, we went from Flavia to Flamia (once typoed as Lamia) and now to Flamaire. I was beginning to think she just changed her name at random as one of her quirks or something.

    Chapter 14 - Tensei shitara slime datta ken: the ways of strolling in the demon country · 2021-11-27T20:10:42Z

    Aizuddin Ai

    Haha im not an asshole nor a hard headed dense guy,if its logical I'll accept it

    Chapter 82 - Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint · 2021-11-27T20:10:25Z

    Temp Name

    Oh, shut up mr. mc, and be on your way.

    Chapter 22 - The Dungeon Master · 2021-11-27T20:10:23Z


    It's surprising how relevant this chapter still is ...

    Chapter 63 - Trash of the Count's Family · 2021-11-27T20:09:30Z