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    That was a roller coaster of a comment

    Chapter 102 - Oshi no Ko · 2022-12-07T20:32:54Z


    Can you please add "escape room" webtoon on this site

    Shotgun Boy · 2022-12-07T20:31:06Z


    Lmao I kinda forgot this existed but as usual the average Korean middle schoolers all live in the Wild West and are built like baki characters https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

    Chapter 52 - Daddy Goes to School · 2022-12-07T20:30:56Z

    Captain Sunshine

    He did call himself Pheonix Man. This is kind of what Pheonix's do...

    Chapter 98 - Onepunch-Man · 2022-12-07T20:21:00Z

    Secretive Watcher

    I really like that line as it precisely depicts what I am doing...

    Chapter 29 - Transcension Academy · 2022-12-07T20:19:39Z


    The author is surprisingly handling the topic well, I never thought I would enjoy this manga unironically

    Chapter 125: What can’t be lost - Kanojo mo Kanojo · 2022-12-07T20:19:23Z

    Heblo The Turtle

    AHHHH I ALREADY LOVE THIS MANHWA! Honestly I thought I'd drop this after a chapter or two but it just keeps getting better and hyping me up!

    I'm thinking of doing a few star jumps and push ups are every 3 chapters. I'll see you all in the next few chapters!

    Chapter 5: How to Fight Painfully - How to Fight · 2022-12-07T20:17:13Z

    king Ron

    bro no one cares about this lady.. boho toy back stabber. thats what you get

    Chapter 15 - Wild West Murim · 2022-12-07T20:14:02Z


    so each of the ranger has their own element correlated to their own color, wood for green, fire for red, water for blue, dunno what yellow and pink are

    Chapter 77: Labyrinth - Ranger Reject · 2022-12-07T20:13:50Z


    Bro finna get the whole world petrified again

    Chapter 220 - Dr. Stone · 2022-12-07T20:13:37Z


    Idek how he survived this whole time. Cockroach syndrome? 😂

    Chapter 134 - Legend of the Northern Blade · 2022-12-07T20:13:30Z


    Yep it’s a good counter against Ryuki’s techniques that mainly relies on speed

    Chapter 187 - Kengan Omega · 2022-12-07T20:12:43Z