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    Horny orc san

    Thats trash logic
    Like why the fuck they will run away to another world? Why would they give their child to the goddess
    I think that parents dislikes him from start for being ugly (since they are also hyuman) and kept him as gift for goddess cause they didn’t wanted their 2 beautiful daughters to go

    Chapter 68: Nice to… meet you? - Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu · 2021-10-19T03:00:27Z


    where I live it is still legal to give out corporal punishment. But there must be a parent or guardian in the room when it happens, and the teacher can only deliver 3 hits. The parent may give more if required.

    Chapter 6: Episode 6 - Get Schooled · 2021-10-19T02:58:11Z

    Neko Majin C

    I misread this chapter's title as "Do You Have Pantsu?"

    Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake! - Chapter 66 - MangaKatana · 2021-10-19T02:57:29Z

    Horny orc san

    Bro i have a horny wife
    U got any problems?

    Chapter 140 - Perfect Half · 2021-10-19T02:56:11Z

    Ryuto Kaneki

    Wait seriously, damn which chapter thi

    Chapter 663 - Apotheosis · 2021-10-19T02:55:42Z


    Japanese doesnt allow student to dye their hair (only natural hair color allowed

    Chapter 45 - Please Go Home, Akutsu-san! · 2021-10-19T02:55:28Z


    if you're senile, then yes. if not, it's not love. It is something he needs but couldn't find no matter how long he searched.

    Chapter 71 - Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-for-Nothing · 2021-10-19T02:54:34Z