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    aye yoooo, I'm trying to figure out if this is out of pocket or not lol

    Chapter 440 - Apotheosis · 2022-01-21T17:10:46Z

    Random Side Character

    recommended 9/10. this shit good but there's quite a number of deus ex machina

    Appetite · 2022-01-21T17:08:03Z

    Sam Winchester

    Sorry but for some reason the gif looks familiar

    Chapter 35 - Return of the Legend · 2022-01-21T17:07:50Z

    Võ Cao Anh

    Motherfucking Fashionably Late Entrance!!!

    You go Patch!!!

    It's been so long since you have a chance to shine!!!

    You're on the webcomic's cover, ACT LIKE IT!!!

    Chapter 255: Ep. 254 - Encountering the Courage - Guardians of the Video Game · 2022-01-21T17:07:04Z

    Random Side Character

    ye if you ask them if you could celebrate with friends, they'll refuse and say shit like you should celebrate new year with your family

    Chapter 115: Story Of The 22 Minutes Before New Years - Ichizu de Bitch na Kouhai · 2022-01-21T17:06:30Z


    dude, that's just a gif its not from any anime or manga

    Chapter 35 - Return of the Legend · 2022-01-21T17:03:46Z


    Total chad. he cuts chase so fast that there was never anything before the chase.

    Chapter 26 - My Recently Hired Maid is Suspicious (Serialization) · 2022-01-21T17:03:08Z

    idk anymore

    Bot henlooo could it be possible to update this pls? thank youuuu

    Siren's Lament - MangaKatana · 2022-01-21T17:02:13Z