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    The fact that the body can actually keep up

    Chapter 10 - Daddy Goes to School · 2021-10-16T17:53:10Z


    You know what ? I've read almost 100 things about the same exact topic but this one. This one the MC isn't just powerful and a complete imbecile. He knows how to talk. I recommend

    Return of the Legendary Spear Knight · 2021-10-16T17:51:50Z


    The author really protective toward her boobs but not her butt? Come on dudee...

    Chapter 26: For This Little One's Sake Too..., - Kirei ni Shitemoraemasuka · 2021-10-16T17:50:13Z


    Pretty much isekai'd thrown out as trash. Runs from goblins falls off a cliff onto a big pile of plot armor decomposing dragon. Becomes OP meets a cat girl that turns into a cat and her master an elf with a curse trapped in teddy bear form. Meanwhile bullies run about destroying non-human countries between bouts of enslaving, raping and pillaging. Party of MC, cat and teddy bear escapes the valley after defeating a golem. Then decide to become adventures while being looked down upon. Something, something arena and now a giant cow.

    Chapter 10.2 - Genkai Level 1 kara no Nariagari: Saijaku Level no Ore ga Isekai Saikyou ni Naru made · 2021-10-16T17:49:56Z

    Monkey D. Luffy

    He was a bit weaker than I expected him to be .. I mean Jiren..
    In the anime his appearance only gives the chills

    Dragon Ball Super - Chapter 35 - MangaKatana · 2021-10-16T17:49:08Z

    Chun ∞ω∞

    don't worry flash is seeing you rollin'

    Chapter 264 - Tomb Raider King · 2021-10-16T17:46:29Z


    When you go to the afterlife and your ancestor's first thing they say to you is this.

    Chapter 2 - Return of the Legend · 2021-10-16T17:45:52Z


    What does she mean shes pretty
    She looks like a child even me a 14 y old would feel like a pedo talking to her

    Chapter 1 - The Antagonist's Pet · 2021-10-16T17:45:08Z