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    Colby Cruz

    And yes.... there is 🐔 ✋ later in the story. And you'll never guess who the lucky lady is

    Inaka no Home Center Otoko no Jiyuu na Isekai Seikatsu · 2022-09-26T18:10:01Z

    Fuck your Feelings

    I see. To each their own. I like a bit of realism in my manhwa. If it's not "game" themed then I don't wanna see status windows, Inventories, and leveling systems in that shit. Too much convinience is the same as instant gratification for me. I don't really know how to explain it. It just won't feel as meaningful and satisfying if they'd just spoon feed the mc with good shit and give him special privileges. The MC should be on the same playing field as everyone for it to be enjoyable for me. And I also like to see the mc suffer and work hard. Lmao

    Chapter 22 - Memoir Of The King Of War · 2022-09-26T18:09:22Z


    bro im 15 and trying hard to get abs here , these mfs have superpowers

    Chapter 34 - Swordmaster’s Youngest Son · 2022-09-26T18:08:49Z

    anime freak

    btw what have pushups to do with a mage

    Chapter 4 - Solo Spell Caster · 2022-09-26T18:04:54Z


    I want the childhood friend to win it all!

    Chapter 15 - Blue Box · 2022-09-26T18:02:49Z


    Shuichi acting like a retired Shonen Mc who's seen it all

    Uzumaki - Chapter 15 : Chaos - MangaKatana · 2022-09-26T18:01:13Z


    It was just some sarcasm sorry it wasn't clearing x)
    I like this story, but it's a little frustrating to start over everytime we're close to something big. And i know that this reset timeline is gonna permit to probably discover new things we would'nt have knew, but reading it i was like "OH COME ON NOT AGAIN"

    Chapter 203 - Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon · 2022-09-26T18:00:57Z

    Normal Commenter

    i like the convenience tbh, it disables certain boring plot lines and helps skip past the slow realism bits

    Chapter 22 - Memoir Of The King Of War · 2022-09-26T18:00:42Z