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    Some wisdom that was! Enlightened I have become. For the next chapter I shall wait.

    Chapter 134 - Infinite Leveling: Murim · 2023-01-28T03:41:23Z


    Is your brain comprised of sawdust? It was explained the gravity controls were failing which is why the MC could move a pillar.

    Chapter 1: The Logbook - Leviathan (Kuroi Shiro) · 2023-01-28T03:40:52Z


    Damn so i guess we all know the survivor

    Chapter 6: The Avenger - Leviathan (Kuroi Shiro) · 2023-01-28T03:38:00Z


    Wait when did his older sister wake up?

    Chapter 211: Ripen - Jujutsu Kaisen · 2023-01-28T03:36:45Z


    I wouldn't call it neutral, it's very much for both sides at this point I am more interested in scenes with his kid cause god dang is he adorable. If you wanna see the same, very gay coded story that kinda folds it into the plot very well, I'd suggest Cross Ange, it's just bisexual mecha girl pilots the anime, goes off the rails by the end but it ends before it goes too far off

    Chapter 41: Creeping Shadow - Kaiko sareta Ankoku Heishi (30-dai) no Slow na Second Life · 2023-01-28T03:33:39Z

    Leonardo Cornejo Bernal

    TBH seeing that dino bitch getting beaten feels good, even if it is by the morally questionable narcissist.

    Chapter 106: "Unsightly Reptile" - Killing Bites · 2023-01-28T03:32:56Z