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    Emperor of dogkind

    Coll Story. The premisse kinda reminds of Actraiser from the Snes

    This Village Sim NPC Could Only Be Human · 2021-10-25T22:19:15Z


    Wait wait, for some reason this guy looks like older version of Oga Tatsumi--

    Chapter 14 - I'm the Best Strategy for the Strongest Bastards · 2021-10-25T22:17:56Z

    Raimundo Salas

    What a page, i really love the art in this manta.I don't know why I didn't a expect a dragon. It caught me off guard

    Tongari Booshi no Atorie - Chapter 5 - MangaKatana · 2021-10-25T22:17:30Z


    I'd rather goblin slayer san choose no one or the terrible harem route I'm happy that his only love is to kill goblins

    Chapter 64.5 - Goblin Slayer · 2021-10-25T22:17:10Z


    I'm loving this trend towards tasteful "thicc thighs save lives" style of artwork.

    Chapter 5: Sensei's Teachings - Ankoku Kishi no Ore desu Ga Saikyou no Seikishi wo Mezashimasu · 2021-10-25T22:17:00Z


    The sword had to be in your every murim world novel.

    Chapter 50 - SSS-Class Suicide Hunter · 2021-10-25T22:14:57Z


    I've always loved the blind aspects of waifus not being able to see makes you wanna protecc her just as much

    Chapter 64.5 - Goblin Slayer · 2021-10-25T22:14:35Z


    I thought that she got the brand from Berserk lol, but its different

    Chapter 64.5 - Goblin Slayer · 2021-10-25T22:12:52Z

    I watch Anime

    Not dark enough, if that were the case the mcs wouldn't get as much support from the audience when they kick their asses

    Chapter 27: Murderous Request - Yakuza Reincarnation · 2021-10-25T22:10:09Z