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    God damn it! Just let the camera guy have Gaeul man!

    Chapter 149: I can't do this. - How to Fight · 2022-10-06T00:55:37Z


    I thought his master was that dude who eats ppl or something.

    Chapter 134 - Ranker Who Lives A Second Time · 2022-10-06T00:54:49Z

    Kamaboko Gonpachiro

    so that's his future being brutally killed by denji..then power will become somethin' like that too..bruh 😔

    Chapter 79 - Chainsaw Man · 2022-10-06T00:52:05Z

    Miscellaneous Bastard

    underaged is underaged, even if its both parties. and before you say anything else, yes, it is stupid.

    Chapter 23 - I Obtained a Mythic Item · 2022-10-06T00:46:42Z

    Burning Phoenix

    [] Siegrun is a name of Old High German origin and means "victory" and "secret" or "magic". []

    Ooooo what kind of secrets hes also hiding

    Chapter 51 - I Became the Wife of the Male Lead · 2022-10-06T00:44:58Z


    Oh man we didn't get to see the ass kickin! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA fcking worms

    Chapter 104 - Mercenary Enrollment · 2022-10-06T00:43:05Z


    LOL, I love the author and translator for making this dialogue

    Chapter 2: Earth Shattering pogoing - Bandai Kaname wa Asobitai · 2022-10-06T00:42:00Z

    Burning Phoenix

    Fire him? They wont be able to do anything remotely close to that

    Chapter 51 - I Became the Wife of the Male Lead · 2022-10-06T00:40:49Z


    now the whole army will go after the MC HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Yeah parasitic sword mode on!

    Chapter 120 - The Live · 2022-10-06T00:40:01Z

    ZECTCustomUnit .

    I'm sure he'll have to buy other auxiliary ships just in wouldn't be surprised if it takes a while.

    Chapter 22: Bergamo’s Port Town and First Negotiation - Mezase Gouka Kyakusen!! · 2022-10-06T00:36:12Z