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    Yahh Chii

    bruh mfs in the comment section are late

    Chapter 24 - Villain to Kill · 2021-06-24T02:32:03Z

    Gamez King

    he looked like a dam fucking new york rat

    Panlong - Chapter 42 - MangaKatana · 2021-06-24T02:29:33Z

    Gamez King

    when he transformed i felt like i was gonna throw up -_-

    Panlong - Chapter 42 - MangaKatana · 2021-06-24T02:29:15Z

    Killing Bruten

    i dont manga is for human........and w.t.h with that trash can position.........

    Chapter 20 - Night Bound ◆ Aubade · 2021-06-24T02:28:54Z

    I watch Anime

    I've been wondering, but what is that on Will's hands? Burns?

    Chapter 33: Sincerity - Saihate no Paladin · 2021-06-24T02:27:21Z


    You feel that, buddy? That’s nostalgia~~

    Chapter 102 - Who Made Me a Princess · 2021-06-24T02:26:35Z