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    No lust
    We should protect this loli

    Chapter 0 - My Daughter Is a Dragon! · 2022-09-29T11:35:08Z

    LeLouch VI Britannia

    wasn't she a yandere for reiji why leave after a story

    Chapter 110: The Kurose Family - Boy's Abyss · 2022-09-29T11:34:23Z


    Yeah.. This was a joy to read. Lil predictable but not without its very satisfying twists. Took a bit to get started but once it did it snow balls into something wonderful. Could have used a bit more story for the side characters as its hard not to be invested in them but the story isnt over yet. Though as of chapter 75 it does look like its coming to a close soon or at least the current story does, though they have left room for more to come so time will tell.

    But i can say, unlike many Many manga ive read lately that suddenly end without warning, if this one ends in the next 5-10 chapters it wont feel like a punch to the gut at least.

    I Picked Up the Second Male Lead After the Ending · 2022-09-29T11:33:59Z

    Holy Loli

    even if the mother is a bitch, her daughters would always loved her deep down on their heart, it's a psychological thing... that's why Helga is suffering rn, it breaks my heart dude...

    Chapter 17 - The Real Daughter Is Back · 2022-09-29T11:33:23Z


    Or that his 'luck' is but the influence from others effort to topple the system, which is much better.

    Chapter 60 - The Only Necromancer · 2022-09-29T11:31:29Z


    kekw. Fun Chapter. Want to see more of Jay and Shelly, haven't seen much of them in a while.

    Chapter 412 - Wind Breaker · 2022-09-29T11:30:41Z


    Perfect distraction tactic, Flashing of Bountiful Boobs

    Shinju no Nectar - Chapter 14 : Shiera of the Nereids - MangaKatana · 2022-09-29T11:29:12Z

    Fudo Kazuki

    Should i wait for multiple chapter to be released to get one complete chapter instead of 50% art 30% story and 20% free space?

    Chapter 57 - A Way to Protect the Lovable You · 2022-09-29T11:28:28Z


    welp. at least its not getting axed.. so its ok.. i can wait..

    Chapter 20 - My Companion Is the Strongest Undead in Another World · 2022-09-29T11:28:28Z


    Put more effort into choosing a nickname pls lol

    Chapter 11 - The Newbie is Too Strong · 2022-09-29T11:28:15Z

    Gray Raven Squad

    No say was officially translated..that mean this will still have English translation, but usually officiall translation took a bit longer to update rather than unofficial one
    . example: one piece, officiall translation come out after a week after chapter release, while unofficial one just took 4-5 day

    Chapter 120 - Please Go Home, Akutsu-san! · 2022-09-29T11:24:04Z