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    Juan D.Gonzales

    you first abandon him and now that life had punish you for your actions you think you can just jump in there and claim him because he is your son?? HOW SELFISH CAN YOU BE? i don't care if your excuse is "for the good of the country" you are selfish and because of you mc birthmother died, YOU NEED TO TAKE YOUR LOSER MOMENT AND ACCEPT IT you bastard.

    Chapter 58: Renest's Decision - Suterareta Tensei Kenja ~ Mamono no Mori de Saikyou no dai ma Teikoku o Tsukuriageru ~ · 2022-06-25T20:20:23Z


    obviously batman is trying to thwart Barack Obama for joining megatron in stealing the infinity stones

    Chapter 84: Slave, Have a Good Chance - Dorei Tensei: Sono Dorei, Saikyou no Moto Ouji ni Tsuki · 2022-06-25T20:20:10Z

    Fuck your Feelings

    No... Don't tell me suddenly transformed into an edgelord... Please god.. Just.. No...

    Chapter 28 - Player · 2022-06-25T20:19:46Z

    Commander Duke Charles

    Do you know what really terrifying thing is, he's supposed to be one of the weaker ones out of his of the group.

    Chapter 98 - Worn and Torn Newbie · 2022-06-25T20:18:17Z


    Well you usualy cat its already ready to kill you, why not make a manhwa about that, its in fact very interesting

    Chapter 1: Episode 1 - Eleceed · 2022-06-25T20:17:43Z


    bro she just cut her hair wtf is the mc retarded? bro got the facial recognition of a blind toddler.

    Chapter 98 - Worn and Torn Newbie · 2022-06-25T20:17:30Z

    Burning Phoenix

    Gotta get that full course meal ready

    Chapter 53 - Solo Max-Level Newbie · 2022-06-25T20:16:32Z


    is he that rarely using magic? I think he uses it pretty often, that space storage is also magic, teleport, barrier, ice, he uses variable magic a lot

    Chapter 53: Royal Feed - I Want to Live a Slow Life in the Countryside After Reincarnation · 2022-06-25T20:15:49Z


    Better to do it than regret not having the most fun you can have in your childhood.

    Chapter 42: Men's World - Nan Hao & Shang Feng · 2022-06-25T20:15:01Z


    its not like its unnecessary, afterall mc is the type who wont think twice to sacrifice his brother for his own convenience and rather drag his friend to grave than die alone xD

    Chapter 53: Royal Feed - I Want to Live a Slow Life in the Countryside After Reincarnation · 2022-06-25T20:13:26Z

    Mogus man

    New strain of malaria seems kinda dope

    Chapter 35 - Hoarding in Hell · 2022-06-25T20:13:09Z

    Fuck your Feelings

    - She's a Hot Oni ✅
    - She's lowkey a milf ✅
    - proteccs her "children" ✅
    - She's a Teacher ✅
    - She waits for your return, faithful ✅
    - She doesn't leave her responsibilities
    (the forest)✅
    - She can beat your ass ✅

    10/10 wife material

    Chapter 27 - Player · 2022-06-25T20:12:40Z