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    I wouldn't call it neutral, it's very much for both sides at this point I am more interested in scenes with his kid cause god dang is he adorable. If you wanna see the same, very gay coded story that kinda folds it into the plot very well, I'd suggest Cross Ange, it's just bisexual mecha girl pilots the anime, goes off the rails by the end but it ends before it goes too far off

    Chapter 41: Creeping Shadow - Kaiko sareta Ankoku Heishi (30-dai) no Slow na Second Life · 2023-01-28T03:33:39Z

    Leonardo Cornejo Bernal

    TBH seeing that dino bitch getting beaten feels good, even if it is by the morally questionable narcissist.

    Chapter 106: "Unsightly Reptile" - Killing Bites · 2023-01-28T03:32:56Z


    Other way around my man if you think about the timeline it was dark because a child that is still actively going to school that probably suffered 9 years without a father had her only family vanish without anyone. now what would you do if you were nine I'll tell you what I would. I would stay in my room waiting looking at the ceiling letting my imagination go wild until I feal hungry then I would go to the kitchen and search the fridge only to the horror of my stomach not find anything edible - 9 year old standard - and then wait In the kitchen too hungry to think much but when will mother return and then remember that maybe I should go outside and see what can I find shit happens and while I'm searching under the vending machine an emo guy told me he was a vampire and that's when my life turned around
    There you go a short story

    Chapter 21: I'm Sure She's Just Trying to Get Under my Skin! - Please Give Me Your Blood, I Will Serve You in Gratitude · 2023-01-28T03:28:59Z

    Leonardo Cornejo Bernal

    And I find that bothersome because shippers are bothersome.

    Chapter 178 - Onepunch-Man · 2023-01-28T03:28:03Z


    Can't wait for the people to react to the B-plot actually being the main plot for the first 'arc'

    Chapter 63: All-Encompassing Magical Encyclopedia - Handyman Saitou In Another World · 2023-01-28T03:23:03Z


    Not an easy job for Kyouka and Tenka for investigating the Onmyou Agency for now.

    Chapter 100: The Elite Soldiers of Mato - Slave of the Magic Capital's Elite Troops · 2023-01-28T03:22:48Z

    Elroid Tiereon

    It's a bloody shame it got axed... and in such a bad way too. It didn't even leave with something as cliffhanger, it just... stops.

    I might try the light novel if I ever see it on bookwalker.

    Chapter 40.2: (Part two) [END] - The Adventurers That Don't Believe in Humanity Will Save the World · 2023-01-28T03:20:53Z


    Is this gonna be the 'akame ga kill' moment, i wonder who's gonna die if it is

    Chapter 100: The Elite Soldiers of Mato - Slave of the Magic Capital's Elite Troops · 2023-01-28T03:19:09Z

    Paaru Yagami

    Poor guy is in love with the little Hina he met as a kid, and he doesn't know there's 2 of them and one is free while the other has a lover already :)

    Chapter 4: The Birdcage and the Garden - The Rain of Teardrops and Serenade · 2023-01-28T03:18:50Z


    how the hell did a little girl push a grown adult wearing space suit several inches in the air and hit the wall

    Chapter 1: The Logbook - Leviathan (Kuroi Shiro) · 2023-01-28T03:18:48Z


    I hope so too, seeing abused children in fiction always hurts cause it probably has happened but there was no fantasy element to save them from reality

    Chapter 21: I'm Sure She's Just Trying to Get Under my Skin! - Please Give Me Your Blood, I Will Serve You in Gratitude · 2023-01-28T03:16:15Z