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    Plot armour vs. Death flags and Plot amour won!!!!

    Chapter 92: All-out War - Solo Max-Level Newbie · 2023-03-25T07:11:13Z


    You kill both of them to protect them from the psychological trauma and from being jailed

    Chapter 170: I'm the Oppa! - Overgeared (Team Argo) · 2023-03-25T07:09:04Z


    Yeah, in the near future, I bet that Hibiki guy will be in the tournament of humans Vs the gods to decide the future of humanity against Bishamonten

    Chapter 51 - MagiLumiere Co., Ltd. · 2023-03-25T07:06:16Z


    Who cares about honor and shit when they literally have you free access to money

    Chapter 92 - The Greatest Estate Developer · 2023-03-25T07:03:01Z


    seeing how gods can change one's gender at will, i'm gonna play it safe and assume that not all of them are originally women.

    Chapter 11: The story of Increasing the number of gods even if it is not in another world - God's Activity in a World Without Gods · 2023-03-25T06:59:06Z


    "Yui, give it up" that part got me hahahaha

    Shishunki Bitter Change - Chapter 8 - MangaKatana · 2023-03-25T06:58:39Z


    And somehow Case Closed anime hasn't Closed it's doors yet Jimmy is still pint sized and the original story possibly lost by now, it was up until like 130 something i was still watching but goodness me the English dubbing was stopped so i worried about picking it back up in subtitles and watching it further not knowing if he'll ever return to proper size and for him and Rachel to ever properly have their romance blossom fully and their lives go further together.

    Chapter 25: End [END] - I Work As A Healer In Another World's Labyrinth City · 2023-03-25T06:56:57Z


    Geralt? You are a long ways away from Rivia

    Chapter 19 - Drug-Eating Genius Mage · 2023-03-25T06:56:42Z