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    LOL, Sapporo in summer is almost as hot as tokyo...

    Chapter 48 - Dosanko Gyaru Is Mega Cute · 2022-01-19T16:12:50Z

    Mata Neko

    Anime sucked, they should have looked at this and do this instead of their half hearted introduction.

    Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja - Chapter 3 : The Nine Wisemen - MangaKatana · 2022-01-19T16:12:39Z

    Dat Folk

    i don't read this but i would read this shit even if it is bad if the MC's name is Silver Dick and i will wait for another character askin is his dick silver. lol im trippin

    Maou Toubatsu Shita Ato, Medachitakunai node Guild Master ni Natta · 2022-01-19T16:12:39Z


    well, the MC is pretty stupid he can easily kill him but let him go instead...

    Chapter 8: I Got Careless. I Didn’t Dodge - Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End · 2022-01-19T16:12:31Z

    Sticky one

    So I wasn't the only one that noticed

    Chapter 95 - Return of the Bachelor · 2022-01-19T16:10:52Z


    ah yes the weeb inside all of us is coming out with your comment. here take my upvote and skidaddle out of here you weeb.

    Chapter 74 - MEMORIZE · 2022-01-19T16:10:39Z

    Burning Phoenix


    Chapter 25 - My Daughter Is a Musical Genius · 2022-01-19T16:10:21Z

    Constellation: [System]

    No it’s more like
    Elenora and roomba
    Elenora’s hair is red now im wondering what kind of hair color does roomba have
    Because elenora’s parents dont have the same color as her

    Chapter 12: Nord's Nickname - I Want to Live a Slow Life in the Countryside After Reincarnation · 2022-01-19T16:09:35Z


    cliffhanger-kun if I get my hands on you i will send to to hell https://uploads.disquscdn.c... i was waiting of it for years

    Chapter 56 - My Wife Is Actually the Empress? · 2022-01-19T16:06:27Z