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    Vimal Vishwa

    Whaaaattt!!!! I have to wait till December 🥺🥺

    Ok not like i can say much after reading this chapter. So pls atleast come back on December first week!

    Chapter 129.1: Season 1: Review - Infinite Leveling: Murim · 2022-09-24T15:53:47Z

    William Highlander

    It's possible the charming effect is wearing off as he's unconscious/dead

    Chapter 59 - The Only Necromancer · 2022-09-24T15:46:24Z

    The Seeker of Dreams


    I love it. Can’t wait to see her reaction when she learns she’s fallen in love with her own “good for nothing” fiancé. 😆

    Chapter 64: Escort warrior, Dan Soobong (3) - I Reincarnated as the Crazed Heir · 2022-09-24T15:42:25Z

    Dat Folk

    you shot yourself when you question cn logics. less than one 1% of em would make a good story.

    Chapter 170 - All Hail the Sect Leader · 2022-09-24T15:37:17Z

    Vincenzo DiTrolio

    nah this is gonna be leana's harem of photon carriers its not gonna be lacille's harem

    Chapter 26: Vs. Lululola - Soukyuu no Ariadne · 2022-09-24T15:36:35Z

    Dat Folk

    i don't read this but you comment intrigue me. theoretically you could, you know that the longer the object (let say this rod is 1 AU long) from point A to B when A is move just 80 degree the other end would follow and from perspective it would totally look like a whip. not an actual one but at least it'll look like one

    Chapter 170 - All Hail the Sect Leader · 2022-09-24T15:36:10Z


    This review is a must-read. (To anyone who is about to not read it)

    Chapter 129.1: Season 1: Review - Infinite Leveling: Murim · 2022-09-24T15:34:45Z