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    Normal Commenter

    I get your point, but could she have even solved this alone? It’s a problem built upon prejudice and centered around how they view other people. Without meeting said people, and having a pillar to forcibly break that prejudice it’d be pretty rough to convince them otherwise, and the risks of even one of them spreading rumors and her fighting off an entire schools prejudice alone would be pretty absurd.

    Hoshinon managed to be that pillar, they couldn’t write it off as kaoruko being poor or something and had to take their words seriously, and from there, well they have to meet the boys to change their views of them no? When the issue isn’t with kaoruko herself, it’s only natural that she herself can’t exactly solve it alone, no matter how strong she is.

    Chapter 63: Alike - Kaoru Hana wa Rin to Saku · 2023-03-22T13:31:48Z


    That escalated rather quickly. 🤨

    Chapter 16 [END] - Crazy Food Truck · 2023-03-22T13:27:40Z

    Kaim the Fang Enjoyer

    Enjoying the show.
    Anyway, why not kill that pest? She clearly is more harm than good.

    Chapter 17 - The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero · 2023-03-22T13:27:40Z


    Yeah not to mention how these interactions actually lead to further developments down the line so I wonder how they would explain it later

    Chapter 11 - World of Leadale · 2023-03-22T13:24:46Z

    Normal Soup

    dafuq the music im listening to just kind matches the mood and the chorus started when i read the last page like damn epic coincidence

    Berserk - Chapter 41: Arms Tournament - MangaKatana · 2023-03-22T13:24:15Z

    Kira D. Fox

    Only one of them will be able to teleport out

    Chapter 154 - World's Apocalypse Online · 2023-03-22T13:21:51Z


    Nah he needs the full Haoshokoken. If you don't instill lifelong trauma through extremely excessive force, these people don't learn.

    Chapter 97: Riding Lessons - I'll Be the Matriarch in This Life · 2023-03-22T13:21:09Z


    i remember watching this show when i was like 12. i think ill understand it a lot better if i were to watch it now but i dont think i want to

    Chapter 23: Inner Court Lessons - Kusuriya no Hitorigoto · 2023-03-22T13:20:45Z