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    Can't wait for the Hot Spring chapter! This guy won't even flinch because of his sigmaness.. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

    Chapter 58: Ticket for Two - Goddess Café Terrace · 2022-05-23T16:39:46Z


    kidnapper when he realises he just basicly messed with like 5 or more s ranks

    Chapter 36 - The S-Classes That I Raised · 2022-05-23T16:37:40Z


    Did you need straight proof that netorare has various deegres ? i bet i can find a girlfriend being stolen by his dad in Nhentai in seconds lmao
    There is no limit to NTR

    Trinity Seven: 7-Nin no Mahoutsukai - Chapter 32 - MangaKatana · 2022-05-23T16:34:58Z

    Yae Sakura

    Well Baedith, you just washed away his insecurity about going for you.

    Chapter 39 - Second Life on the Red Carpet · 2022-05-23T16:33:59Z


    Yeah, they deserve to be exctint, dumb monsters ... wtf goblins are doing lol

    Chapter 17 - What Happens Inside the Dungeon · 2022-05-23T16:32:53Z


    I understand, im ok with the time travel and all, but cutting trough bone with that shit kitchen knife ...

    Chapter 20 - Massacre Happy End · 2022-05-23T16:32:04Z


    Yes, a slow burn, cause love in a hurry isn't love, it's lust
    not that I don't want them to be lusting a little bit 🤏😏

    Chapter 107 - Please Go Home, Akutsu-san! · 2022-05-23T16:31:51Z


    It's been a year i hope the mangaka is okay or that someone picks this up and continues translating it.

    Ane ga Kensei de Imouto ga Kenja de · 2022-05-23T16:31:51Z


    THEY FINALLY KISSED https://uploads.disquscdn.c...
    Sauce: The Makeup remover
    (Im not sure cause i read too many webtoons Im sorry if its wrong sauce)

    Chapter 73: Pull You Back In - The Stereotypical Life of a Reincarnated Lady · 2022-05-23T16:31:28Z


    If a rape can be reversed i can consider a man being stolen a reverse netorare ... netorare has various deegres ...

    Chapter 23 - What Happens Inside the Dungeon · 2022-05-23T16:31:12Z


    That thing ... theres is no sharpness anymore, not like that, he used it too much
    He cut trough bone with that ?? seens imposible

    Chapter 20 - Massacre Happy End · 2022-05-23T16:29:21Z