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    eLM korvette

    More topless sweaty-back Bibian paNels pleaaaseee https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

    Chapter 120 - Player · 2022-09-25T02:28:55Z


    That letter of recommendation better say "these kids are crazy strong and crazy stupid" very clearly if the academy is supposed to do anything TwT

    Chapter 7: That Boy, Finally He Meets The Strongest Man! - That Inferior Knight, Actually Level 999 · 2022-09-25T02:28:16Z


    Hahahahaha shits too funny oh we are indebted to you and then proceeds to embarrass him and then do nothing about debt


    Chapter 1.1 - I'm a Middle-Aged Man Who Got My Adventurer License Revoked · 2022-09-25T02:27:05Z

    fiqih bomba

    That hits the spot..
    No AIDS,, more Sex
    More Sex,, more birth
    More people needs to be fed...

    Chapter 49 - I'm the Only One With Genius DNA · 2022-09-25T02:26:59Z


    Yes,seems they use different name for the manga
    www.justlightnovels .com/2022/05/the-genius-princes-guide-to-raising-a-nation-out-of-debt-hey-how-about-treason/

    Chapter 37 - Nozomanu Fushi no Boukensha · 2022-09-25T02:26:52Z


    I don't know what to say either 😭😂

    Chapter 36 - Chronicles of a Returner · 2022-09-25T02:24:36Z


    WTF?!?..... Ahhh.... Aside for Bonny's sexy appearance.. The Doctor was a girl?!? The Doctor Vegapunk?! Wow... Oda, you did it again. What a shocking surprise you've made again

    Chapter 1061: Egghead - The Island of the Future - One Piece · 2022-09-25T02:23:27Z

    Baobhan Sith

    Wait isn't their group more or less op?
    Excluding the support(glasses) and the somewhat tank that has good physical ability(sword dude)
    Desir - all arounder
    Adjest - cc support/tanky/Melee DPS
    Pram - distraction/Melee DPS/ moves like an assassin
    Romantica - range DPS/ support
    Ronde - full offensive/has a tanky physical body

    Chapter 179 - A Returner's Magic Should Be Special · 2022-09-25T02:22:31Z