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    It would have been so much better if Garm was the one to go to Vinland to antagonize Thorfin instead of Ivar

    Chapter 197: Thousand Year Voyage Part 6 - Vinland Saga · 2022-09-24T16:13:00Z


    Feels like the translation is a bit different, but it's back

    Chapter 41 - Shaman (Hong Won-Pyo) · 2022-09-24T16:07:29Z


    After 100+ we finnaly got to see Walmart Sasuke

    Chapter 203 - Tales of Demons and Gods · 2022-09-24T16:06:51Z


    Aww man, c'mon now!
    Don't jinx it please 😔
    Just put the spoiler tag 😅

    Chapter 66: Simply Walk the Path You've Chosen - Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble · 2022-09-24T16:06:28Z


    if your dick is fuzzy go to a doctor, that's a serious mold

    Chapter 93 - My Wife Is From a Thousand Years Ago · 2022-09-24T16:05:57Z

    This Ole Sign Guy

    I like the way this Manga is progressing, the hentai has no story line at all. But that's its charm too.

    Chapter 7 - Imaizumin's House is a Place for Gals to Gather · 2022-09-24T16:03:56Z


    Never thought I would see someone say shaytaan in a manhua

    Chapter 26 - I Reincarnated as the Crazed Heir · 2022-09-24T16:01:46Z