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    (*≧▽≦)ノシ))"PREVERTS!!!!" lol also Mr.3 is way more useful then u down play him Crocodile

    One Piece - Chapter 545 : To The Outside World Where The Sun Shines - MangaKatana · 2023-01-31T23:47:08Z


    just wait until the wolf starts using muskets or if there able to industrialize first then rifles

    Chapter 5: Firm Decision - Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Ikusa Otome · 2023-01-31T23:46:35Z


    You see, this is the thing with spoiler tags on Disqus, is sometimes people don't actually hide spoilers with the spoiler tag, for example:

    [Insert Offensive Joke Here]

    then afterwards they put in spoiler tags just kidding or something, so it would be pretty nice if people said before the spoiler tags, explicitly: This Is A Spoiler. or something like that.
    Just saying that since not always is it a spoiler, I might highlight over it thinking maybe he was hiding a joke or some shit, since people do that a lot here.
    Though since I revealed the spoiler I'm still 100% responsible, but it'd still be nice.

    Chapter 143 - Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint · 2023-01-31T23:44:39Z


    Im not reading all that so either congratulations or my condolences

    Chapter 210 - All Hail the Sect Leader · 2023-01-31T23:39:09Z


    167 Chapters and I can't recall any romantic development...
    Hell they haven't even kissed yet, god damn this is slow, but it's wholesome so it passes.

    Chapter 167 - That Girl Is Not Just Cute · 2023-01-31T23:38:43Z


    lol well he is the queen akuma kingdom or atleast former but im sure u know that by now

    One Piece - Chapter 543 : Straw Hat And Blackbeard - MangaKatana · 2023-01-31T23:32:05Z

    Red Dragon Emperor

    I mean honestly it feels like the last like 30 chapters didn't even happen and we're just kinda going back to the usual shit which while I'm happy to the more usual dynamic it also makes all that time we spent with the other girls even more tedious and annoying

    Chapter 92 - Dosanko Gyaru Is Mega Cute · 2023-01-31T23:22:54Z