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    Introverted Degenerate Weeb

    Are u here cuz u can't find bot San in any other comment section

    The Beginning After the End · 2022-01-20T22:22:37Z


    I smell an upcoming curbstomp.

    Hey, you. What's your forecast say? Mine mentions the ripping off of evil mustaches.

    Chapter 21 - Kamigami ni Sodaterare Shimo no, Saikyou to Naru · 2022-01-20T22:21:05Z

    levan choxeli

    DAMN. I really thought that raizo wasant there.

    One Piece - Chapter 816 : Dog vs. Cat - MangaKatana · 2022-01-20T22:20:55Z


    Any seggss here?

    Inso's Law · 2022-01-20T22:19:41Z


    despite what the tags are. I pretty decent

    Human Ranch · 2022-01-20T22:19:37Z

    I watch Anime

    Another Naruto reference
    Beta Megumin fan vs Chad Deidara enjoyer

    Chapter 43 - Dungeon House · 2022-01-20T22:16:37Z


    You should take the Vaccine at your healthiest!
    I'm still unvaccinated due to the bad weather here which colds and flu are very common. I self-isolate and precautious when I go out for necessities.
    I'm planning to get my vaccine in the summer where I'm always the healthiest.

    Chapter 38: The Struggle of the Pharmacists - Isekai Yakkyoku · 2022-01-20T22:16:16Z


    Not to worry guys! Boruto will be isekai'd!

    Chapter 66 - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations · 2022-01-20T22:13:11Z