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    dragon slayer at his best. btw thanks for the chapter guys

    Chapter 4 - Heavy Object S · 2021-12-04T20:27:32Z


    Its a therapy list. In order to get better, shes overcoming obstacles.

    Chapter 17 - Guard Pass · 2021-12-04T20:21:30Z


    Except this guy doesn't give a shiz about it. Keeps putting his pet in harm's way like a tool in his hand. Doesn't deserve to be a beast tamer.

    Chapter 39 - Yuusha Party wo Tsuihou Sareta Beast Tamer, Saikyou Shuzoku Nekomimi Shojo to Deau · 2021-12-04T20:20:33Z


    this better not be a revised battle of the Poseidon vs Sasaki. btw thanks for the chapter guys

    Chapter 56.5 - Record of Ragnarok · 2021-12-04T20:19:00Z

    Han Rasmussen

    I'd say it was too soon and would have taken it slower and more cautious myself, but she seems genuinely happy with it all so I suppose that's what really matters.

    Chapter 5: (part one) - Mezametara saikyou soubi to uchuusen-mochi datta no de, ikkodate mezashite youhei toshite jiyuu ni ikitai · 2021-12-04T20:16:52Z


    Stereotypical rich boy who's a gangstar on the side.

    Chapter 15 - Guard Pass · 2021-12-04T20:16:28Z