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    I'm jsut reading this waiting for when he goes, "huh i'm pretty good at this martial arts stuff maybe i should beat up those evil guys"

    Chapter 27 - The Scholar Warrior · 2021-11-27T11:50:47Z


    Oh, that was resolved easier than expected. I thought she was either dead or she was going to be stuck with that guy for numerous chapters but nope.

    Chapter 37 - Ygret · 2021-11-27T11:50:04Z

    Burning Phoenix

    Die Bi>CH
    As reaper once said, DIE DIE DIE

    Chapter 37 - Ygret · 2021-11-27T11:49:33Z

    Unidentified Otaku

    Eh,eh EEEEHHHHHH! Is seggs incoming? Though between 2 of them Iino is the one with higher libido. Maybe just maybe Shirogane and Kaguya mistakes repeated to Ishigami and Miko

    Chapter 245 - Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai - Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen · 2021-11-27T11:48:46Z


    Being faster than light is that you can only live in darkness.

    Chapter 37 - Ygret · 2021-11-27T11:46:39Z


    make world your slave without them knowing

    Chapter 63 - Trash of the Count's Family · 2021-11-27T11:46:14Z

    basic unique

    well this is kinda emotional anyway im SSPEED

    Chapter 37 - Ygret · 2021-11-27T11:45:15Z


    Only $30 should be $130 an hour

    Chapter 21 - Return of the Legend · 2021-11-27T11:43:43Z

    Mad Paradox

    Ah yes, he has found the NASA PC with admin account, now Heinz will be his sandbox playground

    Chapter 35 - The Max Level Hero Has Returned! · 2021-11-27T11:43:13Z

    Erik Johnson

    If you are gonna make dumb comments like that get rid of the Luffy pfp. You are gonna give him a bad representation.

    Chapter 25 - Shaman (Hong Won-Pyo) · 2021-11-27T11:41:42Z

    Arthur Leywin

    lmao Karen stop crying and just block me if you don't like it. also the bot has already asked me to stop ages ago, these are just 2months old comments 😂

    Chapter 18 - Kamigami ni Sodaterare Shimo no, Saikyou to Naru · 2021-11-27T11:40:14Z