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    I want than ending from beginning but most likely will not get it :(

    Chapter 71: She in the Batting Cage - My Charms Are Wasted On Kuroiwa Medaka · 2022-12-06T21:03:06Z


    I just want to become the ruler who rules over time and space

    Chapter 23 - Return of the Frozen Player · 2022-12-06T21:02:18Z


    Same...besides I'm just waiting for the manga to make some major if when Mizuhara pegs Kazuya or not

    Chapter 262: The Girlfriend and the Birthday II (Part 1) - Kanojo, Okarishimasu · 2022-12-06T21:01:57Z

    Juan D.Gonzales

    well she did started as a Ant golem with no gender because it was never specified if she was male or female (not that i remember) however when her ant body was destroyed, MC transfered her memory into a flesh golem that used to belong to one of his enemy.

    the thing is chocolate isn't female by choice but more like her memory was transferred into a female flesh golem.

    either way it suits her because i think she had a crush on mc sense her ant form.

    Chapter 38.2 - Kouryakuhon o Kushi Suru Saikyou no Mahoutsukai ~ to wa Iwa Senai Oreryuu Mao Tobatsu Saizen Ruuto ~ · 2022-12-06T20:57:46Z


    nice to see them be able to chill out like this before the death tournament

    Chapter 40 : Arrival - Kengan Asura · 2022-12-06T20:57:21Z


    i want to know more!
    lately im interested in this kind of post apocalyptic story :>

    Chapter 18: Suspicion - In A World Filled With Zombies, I’m The Only One They Won’t Attack · 2022-12-06T20:57:19Z