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    its okay hes a fellow grayom enjoyer mmmm grayon

    Chapter 27: I Want to Edit - Tedama ni Toritai Kurokiya-san · 2022-10-06T02:01:17Z


    Tbh new guy looked down on erika's biological parents just now, so both of them are kinda shit in my book

    Chapter 129: Do You Like Her? - The Cuckoo's Fiancee · 2022-10-06T01:58:39Z

    nanoda inoue

    just also wasting your time commenting hahaha

    Chapter 0 - Reaper of the Drifting Moon · 2022-10-06T01:58:36Z

    Richard Howell

    Daaaaamn! IRL Tillis is WAY better than the in game Tillis!

    Chapter 129 - The Game That I Came From · 2022-10-06T01:57:49Z

    nanoda inoue

    hahahahaha braaah thats a hentai code hahaha

    Chapter 0 - Reaper of the Drifting Moon · 2022-10-06T01:57:26Z


    Tbf that is what everyon would do.

    Chapter 66 - FFF-Class Trashero · 2022-10-06T01:56:52Z


    Is there any hero that can provide a link of the last page for a horny bastard? Not me, just asking for a friend

    Chapter 24.2 - In Another World where Baseball is War, a High School Ace Player will Save a Weak Nation · 2022-10-06T01:56:47Z

    nanoda inoue

    when it comes on the author totally 100% godness . and when with asurascans .its godlike

    Chapter 0 - Reaper of the Drifting Moon · 2022-10-06T01:56:32Z


    man you just like me, thats the best part

    Chapter 26.5: Extras - Tedama ni Toritai Kurokiya-san · 2022-10-06T01:56:09Z


    I mean blonde usually wins in mangas so yeah

    Chapter 6: Indecisive Shoppers - Hanazono Twins · 2022-10-06T01:55:32Z


    I swear this author really wants to be working on sukeban battle manga instead of fluff cooking orphan family

    Chapter 18 - Ane no Onaka o Fukuramaseru wa Boku · 2022-10-06T01:55:13Z