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    Damn, Vermouth was living life on easy mode wtf? I can't wait to see the progression he makes lol.

    Chapter 20 - Damn Reincarnation · 2022-06-28T18:02:42Z


    Dad joke incoming: This chapter should be titled "Bromancing the stone"

    Chapter 1386: Sendo vs Volg? - Hajime no Ippo · 2022-06-28T18:02:25Z


    I love all the speeches in this manhwa. so meaningful. I couldn't ask for more from a manhwa. it's amazing...
    I want to see the heavenly demon till the very end of this story 😭😭 I want to see her more I love her so much 😭😭 will we not be able to see her after this arc is over?

    Chapter 73 - SSS-Class Suicide Hunter · 2022-06-28T18:02:10Z


    Seems like there's a few minor things but the biggest hurdles are conquered.

    Chapter 88 - Doctor’s Rebirth · 2022-06-28T17:58:56Z

    Sang N

    MC, he just a child you pe… wait how a
    Old are you both?

    Chapter 87 - Adventures of an Undead who became Paladin · 2022-06-28T17:58:51Z


    now he learns his brother's side of the story. btw thanks for the chapter guys

    Chapter 39 - Megami no Sprinter · 2022-06-28T17:58:48Z

    Soul King

    So he's completely recovered, right? Or is there any more treatment to do?

    Chapter 88 - Doctor’s Rebirth · 2022-06-28T17:56:30Z

    🆂𝐢𝐥𝐯ɇ🆁 Ŧ🅾ɇᴎix

    At least she retires a hero... I wonder if she ever got involved in the previous timeline shadow incident!

    Chapter 193 - A Returner's Magic Should Be Special · 2022-06-28T17:56:22Z


    I freaking love this, he's so smart damn it

    Chapter 72 - SSS-Class Suicide Hunter · 2022-06-28T17:55:42Z