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    She's alive!? Won't MC realize that he failed to kill her? I mean he'll start looping the moment he failed to kill someone.

    Chapter 34 - Massacre Happy End · 2022-08-11T04:38:09Z


    what is the second one?

    Kill The Dragon · 2022-08-11T04:31:56Z

    Handy Dandy


    The Fable - The Second Contact · 2022-08-11T04:31:36Z


    now what the fk does Mexican ninja vs the BK corporation mean

    Chapter 36: Even now, I feel it - Gofun Go no Sekai · 2022-08-11T04:31:29Z


    woah....what if asaka was also someone who was bullied by shizuku in elementary?

    Chapter 5: Confession - Kimi to Tsuzuru Utakata · 2022-08-11T04:27:34Z


    Same to both of you fellow 19 year olds ☯️

    Chapter 12 - Heavenly Martial God · 2022-08-11T04:26:03Z


    Hey Mr. Bear, I think there is a page duplicated in this chapter

    Chapter 33: Ep.32 - Sweet Home · 2022-08-11T04:23:24Z

    Sato ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Scp- 0253
    obect class: Keter

    SCP 0253-1 :a being that is know to appear when one is feeling "HORNY", it uses all its might and puts into a single blow from a wooden bat know as the "bonk stick". there are few know to have survived its bonk. those who have survived, have reported to have been completely "unhornied" as they've described and have become beings know simply as "Chads" (SCP 0253 - 2) .

    SCP 0253-2
    object class: Archon
    these beings have been reported to be completely and utterly unaffected by female temptation and instead have devoted themselves to "The Boys" as they say. They have gained immense power while residing in there natural territories simply called "the gym" (SCP 0253-3). SCP 0253-2 are said to give motivation to other men to stop chasing females and dedicates their time to bettering themselves. The most powerful case of a "Chad" was a being know as Zyzz who has already sparked motivation in many men (may he rest in peace).

    SCP 0253-3
    object class: Safe
    SCP 0253-3 is a place where many SCP 0253-2 and those who have been motivated by them gather to better themselves and become "Swol".

    this is currently all information gathered on SCP 0253 but as more fall victim to the feeling that is "horny", the more of an understanding we have of it.

    signed- Sato ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ
    (this took longer than i would like to admit to write)

    Chapter 27 - Damn Reincarnation · 2022-08-11T04:21:25Z


    fake password and he actually told his password to someone else, predicting it rn

    Chapter 102 - Tomodachi Game · 2022-08-11T04:20:22Z


    Street fight again this is so annoying

    Chapter 336: [Part 3] Ep.86 - Wind Breaker · 2022-08-11T04:15:35Z