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    GODDAMN shes so fucking hot this lucky bastard mc

    Chapter 21 - Hoarding in Hell · 2022-01-28T22:26:56Z

    Red Dragon Emperor

    I was trying to not get my hopes up but between the chapter right before the timeskip and this I think I'm going hop on Shiki and Rebecca ship I just hope it actually goes somewhere this time instead of just a long tease like in Fairy Tail

    Chapter 176 - Eden's Zero · 2022-01-28T22:26:42Z


    whats that? thats really not suitable, a suitable christmas gift for a high school boy aside from naked apron is of course santa cosplay


    Chapter 34: What is a suitable Christmas Gift for a High School boy, aside from a Naked Apron? - Shingeki no Eroko-san · 2022-01-28T22:26:07Z


    So this is the place Arthur tells them.

    Chapter 130 - The Beginning After the End · 2022-01-28T22:25:51Z


    Makes sense, I cant wait to see the ending for this.

    Chapter 112: Ep. 102 - Light (3) - The Boxer · 2022-01-28T22:25:37Z


    They could have easily summarized the basic concepts It can be a problem when something generally follows the plot of something else except for exceptions because then discrepancies in the plot can creep up.

    Chapter 130 - The Beginning After the End · 2022-01-28T22:25:04Z


    thats the face i wanna see, reminds me of his wicked phase (i really wanna see his wicked phase again)

    Chapter 124: The Desires in the Bow - Mairimashita! Iruma-kun · 2022-01-28T22:24:24Z

    Red Dragon Emperor

    This is Mashima as good as this series has been he's still gonna have to add fanservice

    Chapter 176 - Eden's Zero · 2022-01-28T22:24:00Z

    Rafael Ribeiro

    This chapter really was awesome. Gojou is finally getting used to people seeing no problem with his hobbies and it's wholesome. Now he just needs to confess to Marin.

    Chapter 53 - Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo suru · 2022-01-28T22:22:42Z


    Ngl when i see the title chapter...
    I'm gonna take my talents to south beach and I'm joining the miami heat"

    Chapter 35: The Decision - The Beginning After the End · 2022-01-28T22:21:03Z