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    ..bruh she better not be about to stop him from getting a full ride. My fam put debt free college above any other goals in high school, and she should be MAD proud if he qualifies. Just look at the insane standards for that!!

    Chapter 323: 322 - PART 2.108 - Girl's World · 2022-08-17T06:42:35Z

    Sal Player

    Well this is fantasy world, human has super strength, super speed and super reflex here. While it might not as effective against someone that has reflex and mobility like mc, it seem practical against monster and heavy armor.

    Chapter 3: Old man, face The Vice-commander! - An Old Man From the Countryside Becomes a Swords Saint: I Was Just a Rural Sword Teacher, but My Successful Students Won't Leave Me Alone! · 2022-08-17T06:41:28Z



    - this, as you can see, is a shocked scream......

    Chapter 72: Episode 72 - My Gently Raised Beast · 2022-08-17T06:41:20Z

    Advocate Paradox

    This "bad luck" is so fucking stupid. I might drop this if it's a running theme.

    Chapter 33 - Overgeared (Team Argo) · 2022-08-17T06:39:53Z

    Woomy Nation

    Little bear are there any actual versions of this chapter? This seems to be a translation for fun and not the actual one

    Chapter 28 - Fusoroi no Renri · 2022-08-17T06:38:30Z

    Dito Destoni

    And why does the monster look like some genomorphs from limitbreaker.

    Chapter 6 - +99 Wooden Stick · 2022-08-17T06:35:59Z


    they always hit us with normal Slice of Life and then bombard us with romance for no reason bruh

    Chapter 80 - Toorigakari ni one point advice shiteiku type no yankee · 2022-08-17T06:35:50Z

    anime freak

    same im also a chef but in training unions dont work on me either. i dont care about there sad story's while im cutting them in small pieces

    Chapter 60 - Infinite Leveling: Murim · 2022-08-17T06:31:45Z


    For some reason there are a lot of people that think only in ntr in this site, at least I hope this is limited to this site.

    The Noble Girl With a Crush on a Plain and Studious Guy Finds the Arrogant Prince to Be a Nuisance · 2022-08-17T06:30:33Z


    Why didn't master or fran take a skill from the black haired betrayer or the strong blond swordmaster tho

    Chapter 59: Sidran Revolution - Tensei Shitara Ken deshita · 2022-08-17T06:29:07Z


    There's not ntr in this manga, you twisted pervert. Do you also think in ntr while eating breakfast with your stepfamily?

    The Noble Girl With a Crush on a Plain and Studious Guy Finds the Arrogant Prince to Be a Nuisance · 2022-08-17T06:28:12Z