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    Minori is best girl I just find tsubasa extremely annoying she just seems so ugh

    Chapter 56: I praise thee - Ojousama no Shimobe · 2021-07-29T08:35:39Z


    What happened with being fair and square mangaka? this brat learns nothing

    Bakuman - Chapter 143 : Money and Recycling - MangaKatana · 2021-07-29T08:35:11Z

    Akemi Rakoyou

    Would little sis believe that thats her sister. THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULDNT INTRODUCE YOUR BOYFRIENDS TO YOUR SISTER-

    Chapter 16: Episode 16 - See You in My 19th Life · 2021-07-29T08:34:50Z

    Larcek Giglamesh

    then you might have forgotten his real talent. so far he's only scratching on the surface since he cannot pull from his true powers yet.

    Chapter 27 - Isekai Cheat Magician · 2021-07-29T08:34:45Z


    GO CABEL BEST GUARDIAN EVER!!! Also, don’t cry Erich. You have Penny and Louisse.

    Chapter 65 - Beware of the Brothers! · 2021-07-29T08:33:49Z


    I think you should check again. She did apologize. And she is a bit insecure about herself. This was also made clear in an earlier chapter when she heard her colleagues talk about him.

    Chapter 38: Anniversary ③ - Kono Kaisha ni Suki na Hito ga Imasu · 2021-07-29T08:32:25Z

    Exalted Nevaeh

    Yes, but this is about as unfair of an advantage as unfair can possibly get. So her being upset about it is completely reasonable.

    Chapter 32 - After Being Reborn, I Became the Strongest to Save Everyone · 2021-07-29T08:30:33Z


    anyone able to translate what the swords name is?

    Chapter 2: The old man’s sword - The Sword of Glory · 2021-07-29T08:29:47Z


    what the heck did i just read.
    it went from
    strory ok vs story trash
    debate on manga industry
    and then i dont block people because i like arguing with them which, to be honest is a fair point.

    Chapter 4.1 - Tsuihou Sareta Onimotsu Tamer, Sekai Yuiitsu no Necromancer ni Kakusei Suru · 2021-07-29T08:29:39Z

    Exalted Nevaeh

    It's understandable even though they're not. What would you do if the person you're close with and have romantic intrest in were to end up rooming with an attractive person of the opposite sex (heterosexuality implied).

    Would you accept it and let whatever might happen between them happen? Surrender to circumstance, or would you call into question the bullshit of that arrangement? You could argue that if the person you are pursuing feels for you back then they won't have any interest in the new person, but shit can definitely happen if you give it the opportunity to, and that's exactly what this living arrangement is.

    Chapter 32 - After Being Reborn, I Became the Strongest to Save Everyone · 2021-07-29T08:29:00Z