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    ikr. the author just doesn't care and is just messing around at this point

    Chapter 50: A Dark Cloud Hangs - Record of Ragnarok · 2021-07-29T07:51:03Z

    Fluffy Torpedo

    Dang that really sucks for that guy, lost his arms and everything

    Naruto - Chapter 20 : The Country That Had A Hero!! - MangaKatana · 2021-07-29T07:50:45Z

    Ray Omar

    why tf does this make me sad...😭😭😭

    Chapter 229: Finals - Kengan Asura · 2021-07-29T07:48:51Z

    Shub Niggurath-ちゃん

    Minori is already the best for not being the Taiga (Toradora) kind of tsundere.

    Chapter 56: I praise thee - Ojousama no Shimobe · 2021-07-29T07:48:28Z


    it's fictional so the author has the right to change anything he wants. however, i agree that it's weird how a greek god has something to do with norse things

    Chapter 50: A Dark Cloud Hangs - Record of Ragnarok · 2021-07-29T07:47:39Z


    Well actually kinda almost some other country? Cause when there is good, there always ass kind of guy

    Chapter 26: Find it out yourself if you're curious. - Daddy Goes to School · 2021-07-29T07:47:31Z

    Saar Amzaleg

    ~~Chu~chu yeah!...... please me...... CHU~CHU YEAH..... WITHOUT CHU!

    Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon - Chapter 60 - MangaKatana · 2021-07-29T07:47:02Z