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    Burning Phoenix

    It was not me, I didn't do anything with my powers

    Chapter 130 - The Beginning After the End · 2022-01-28T22:13:10Z

    Burning Phoenix

    Oh my God
    Oh ma gaud
    Oh mau gawd
    XD (>w<)
    Its 6am and I just had one of the greatest breakfast in my life. XD

    Chapter 79 - Beatrice · 2022-01-28T22:11:44Z


    Your theory makes sense. But if someone has kidnapped a loved one, you aren't going to find out where they are being held if you kill your only lead.

    It could also be that Leo just sees it as unacceptable that Skel knows of their secret sign.

    Chapter 173 - Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon · 2022-01-28T22:11:32Z


    Yes Yan'er is his sister.

    Chapter 864 - Apotheosis · 2022-01-28T22:10:44Z


    Yep, he must have EX luck that however only makes it so most his BS ends causing Diabolos Cult grievous damages

    Chapter 37 - The Eminence in Shadow · 2022-01-28T22:08:25Z


    the floating mutant's face looks like one a very disfigured one

    Chapter 65 - Superhuman Era · 2022-01-28T22:05:47Z

    Koji Choqueticlla Tsukayama

    why would he use that boots and not use his main weapon?

    Chapter 6.2 - King of the Labyrinth · 2022-01-28T22:04:24Z


    So she gona buy Lots and lots of ice cream?

    Chapter 23 - I Raised A Black Dragon · 2022-01-28T22:04:09Z