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    HEY, even if it's gay, you don't leave it on cliffhangers, that's just cruel to do double the cockblocking in one go

    Chapter 31 - I turned my childhood friend (♂) into a girl · 2022-12-07T03:23:33Z

    zenox bagaan

    A person with a strong connection to the old-world domain can create a network with other people, they can unconsciously broadcast their feeling and emotions to other people around them and can easily influence their thought processing and evaluation about that person. It's basically mind-controlling someone without knowing it.

    Katsuya have a savior complex and thinks that he's strong and what he does is right so weak lil girls are usually attracted to that kind of person, while Akira thinks he's weak and thus a strong independent woman would wish to protect him out of instinct.

    Chapter 39 - Rebuild World · 2022-12-07T03:22:11Z

    Seign Light

    eh? srsly? even Yumina? and here I was hoping for her to jump ship to our MC

    Chapter 35 - Rebuild World · 2022-12-07T03:21:36Z

    Manu Vimahi

    Acting cute in front of a brute, it won't compute kek

    Chapter 60 - I Am the Fated Villain · 2022-12-07T03:19:18Z


    Bruh wtf
    Now she looks like the mudering blond season one chick from overlord in the momon arc

    Chapter 65: Filth-Eating Urn (2) - Solo Max-Level Newbie · 2022-12-07T03:19:11Z


    maybe based on islam or christianity

    Chapter 63 - Duke Pendragon · 2022-12-07T03:18:30Z


    Price you pay for avoiding clichéd manga 'misunderstandings'.

    Chapter 10: I bumped into Shia-san - I'm in Love with the Older Girl Next Door · 2022-12-07T03:16:59Z


    Idk, but I'm frustrated the filler stuffs is more than 1 chapter =.=

    Chapter 78 - Please Have a Meal! · 2022-12-07T03:16:03Z


    he never lost them, they were just damaged

    Chapter 525: [Season 3] Ep. 108 - Tower of God · 2022-12-07T03:15:24Z


    Yea sometimes confessing just reveals that your crush don't like you and would rather not be around you then deal with your feelings:D

    Chapter 10: I bumped into Shia-san - I'm in Love with the Older Girl Next Door · 2022-12-07T03:14:42Z


    "Did you pour itching powder down that kids shirt? Not that I care."

    Chapter 34 - Legend of the Northern Blade · 2022-12-07T03:13:33Z