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    Eloy Canto

    yeah, truth is this season is really good, many good series to choose from

    Chapter 63: All-Encompassing Magical Encyclopedia - Handyman Saitou In Another World · 2023-01-28T04:04:12Z

    Devon Jolly

    I'm still baffled about how that attack is supposed to teach anything. It's not the pain and suffering mothers feel that teach them love. The number of infant murders by new mothers should more than attest to that.

    Chapter 509 - Cultivation Chat Group · 2023-01-28T04:02:28Z


    Before you comment "This got axed? WTF JAPAN the anime just started" The manga got axed but no the LN which the anime is based on. The LN will continue, not sure if the anime will be good enough for a second season

    Chapter 40.2: (Part two) [END] - The Adventurers That Don't Believe in Humanity Will Save the World · 2023-01-28T04:02:23Z


    that still dont explain how she threw a grown adult several inches in the air

    Chapter 12: Going Awry - Leviathan (Kuroi Shiro) · 2023-01-28T03:56:11Z

    Pimitri Chesik

    Anyone with idea to what actually happened for him got dumped by his former gf?

    Chapter 20 - Ryuu Kusari no Ori -Kokoro no Uchi no "Kokoro"- · 2023-01-28T03:55:08Z


    It's getting more exciting damn and shocks what's choso's holding? Is that the prison realm?

    Chapter 211: Ripen - Jujutsu Kaisen · 2023-01-28T03:54:04Z


    nah she is using hacks, you can tell from her shooting multiple arrows without having any other arrows with her, and she wasnt real those walls wouldn't be pierced with her buffed strength cuz of hacks

    Chapter 11: The Last Battle - Leviathan (Kuroi Shiro) · 2023-01-28T03:53:34Z

    Mata Neko

    I think that is also a way to say how competent their team is. Like, if someone is done by those guys, then it is just because they are damn weak.

    Chapter 80: Monster Zoo - Ranger Reject · 2023-01-28T03:51:30Z

    Space Whest

    I would have went for the boobs if I were that dog kekw

    Chapter 265 - Girl and Science · 2023-01-28T03:49:52Z