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    Wow, is this another stealth magic school manga?

    I guess people just drop a manga as soon as they see magic school bs, so manga authors now takes the long build up before turning the series into another overdone magic school fuckery.

    Chapter 15: For Some Reason My Life Of Mooching Off Is Coming To An End - I’m a D-Rank Adventurer, for Some Reason I Got Recruited Into a Hero Party, and Now the Princess Is Stalking Me · 2023-02-07T02:49:53Z


    What are Sakurano's Alices? Every translator seems to have a different intepretation.

    Gakuen Alice - Chapter 156 : A New Found Strength - MangaKatana · 2023-02-07T02:49:49Z


    She's literally me... except I don't hit people who tell me that I could've been destined for greatness. Despite me being one of the best young players of my sport in Europe I genuinely didn't enjoy playing in all these high stakes competitions with all the crazy pressure on my back. If I was just playing for fun, that was fine, but everyone around me would go on and on about how amazing a talent I was and how I was bound to be a top professional in the future.

    And so I kept going and going, playing at the highest youth international levels, to the detriment of my mental health, until I finally broke and completely snapped. I, the most calm and collected guy around, suddenly had a huge outburst of rage and absolutely lost my shit - to this day I can still remember the look on peoples' faces.

    I still play sometimes, but only for fun, and I'm still damn good, but man I hated the pressures put on me for being so "talented".

    Oh yeah, I left out the sport in the off chance someone recognises me (as unlikely as that is) - that certainly wouldn't be ideal lol.

    Anyways, if you read this, thanks for listening to my rant.

    Chapter 87 - Blue Box · 2023-02-07T02:48:18Z


    For a reason I don't remember they had the tradition to only hand the technique down to one person for the last 4000 years.

    Maybe so they could focus their training on the one person and make them the best they can be. Or maybe because Kassajin knew the final battle would be far in the future and teaching too many people could have drawn unwanted attention.

    Chapter 156 - The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years · 2023-02-07T02:45:01Z


    That Lia is all kinds of Hot.
    He should make her the ecchi poster girl for Ardal.

    Chapter 77 - Seoul Station's Necromancer · 2023-02-07T02:44:10Z


    Well her position is complicated by the fact that she's engaged to Christina's brother who she loves ... but yeah the two of them are all a tad too emotional right now.

    Chapter 99: Like a Fairy Tale - Regarding That We Decided to Live in the Countryside With The Female Knight Who Came to Us · 2023-02-07T02:42:38Z


    Now this is the perfect ship

    Chapter 65 - Slave B · 2023-02-07T02:40:27Z


    Venom Dragon and geezer reincarnated into this

    Chapter 80 - Return of the Legendary Spear Knight · 2023-02-07T02:36:53Z


    Seriously what's with the bleep tho? Kinda inappropriate in this very appropriate manga....

    Chapter 16 - To Save the World, Can You Lie in Bed With Me, a Subhuman, in the Morning? · 2023-02-07T02:35:07Z


    I'm glad we could see this MF effed 2 chapters from different angle~

    Chapter 124: Let's Kill Him - My Home Hero · 2023-02-07T02:33:57Z


    I'm pretty sure Najimi is a biological male... But Najimi's gender is probably Najimi

    Chapter 390: Kawai-san 2 - Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu · 2023-02-07T02:31:17Z


    Nvm I can just forget this manga exist and get excited when it releases a new chapter

    Chapter 26 - The Fairytale-like You Goes on the Assault · 2023-02-07T02:30:23Z