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    I'm a Cleveland fan. It just gets old watching them lose to the Yankees in the playoffs every year. Just once, I'd like to see them lose to someone else instead, mix it up a little. I was salty about it for a few days, then life went on.

    Chapter 267: The Girlfriend and the Birthday II (Part 4) - Kanojo, Okarishimasu · 2023-01-29T00:13:34Z

    Guestman Jack

    I'm aware that I always wanted more isekai that involved characters from a high tech setting, and do randomly think to myself "this could have easily been solved if guns or nukes were invented" but I never expected to actually see it happen here. And I must say, this is truly marvelous! Gotta read some more!

    Chapter 1: Last Hope - VERSUS · 2023-01-29T00:13:22Z

    Kuroko Nishikawa

    can't fucking believe this got cancelled..this was the only shield hero related thing i was even virtually interested in after getting bored of the main story...

    Chapter 55: For the Third Time, Those Words - Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi · 2023-01-29T00:08:57Z


    she didn't really become a "mega" yandere but she did got worse tho, but not too much that she'll hurt him physically... yet wahahaha. you made me think she's at that phase already within 5 chapters qljneqjeqnwk

    honestly, she's at a cute phase of being yandere 😂

    I’m Sick and Tired of My Childhood Friend’s, Now Girlfriend’s, Constant Abuse so I Broke up With Her · 2023-01-29T00:08:09Z


    which one? kurapika? oh no you mean kite. yeah i guess you can see that way, but also not because kite can control his power for more than a second.

    Chapter 46: Alternatives - Beyond the Sky · 2023-01-29T00:07:55Z


    I thought there would be a mass release after a month of break. Lol

    Chapter 10.1 - The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten · 2023-01-29T00:05:52Z