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    "He wouldn't have surrendered"

    Yeah and he died and so will you if you don't shut the fuck up

    Chapter 75 - I Grow Stronger By Eating! · 2022-09-26T20:22:09Z


    I thought we would see Kim using time magic or smth this chapter ;_;

    Chapter 75 - I Grow Stronger By Eating! · 2022-09-26T20:15:31Z


    The dad didn't even say spoiler alert before showing the ending.

    Chapter 71 - Return of the 8th Class Magician · 2022-09-26T20:11:54Z


    The elven race will cease to exist soon

    Chapter 75 - I Grow Stronger By Eating! · 2022-09-26T20:05:29Z


    Little did they now this place will by their grave

    Chapter 215 - Cultivator Against Hero Society · 2022-09-26T20:04:52Z


    everyone just selectively few individual, there are government head but they were mostly just figure head because everyone are subject of the sibyl system, even foreigners are no exception, in which if their crime coefficient exceeding the number threshold they are to be shot anytime, as for organization, throughout the seasons there are numerals, first there was an idiosyncrat whose number cant be read by the system threatening the system itself by doing crime here and there, then there was a survivor of an accident who does not even recognized by the scanner because they were deemed death long ago reaching the server the room and almost destroy the whole brains, then the last there were a crime organization who utilized ai with the system backdoor threatening the system but they were failed in the end because there was a spy

    Chapter 1061: Egghead - The Island of the Future - One Piece · 2022-09-26T20:03:08Z

    Erin Tesden

    But she is already 20yo or so, isnt she?
    She seems kinda ccustomed to it already

    Chapter 41 - Sengoku Komachi Kurou Tan! · 2022-09-26T20:01:33Z