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    Okay.. that's was sad.. the situation with her family and the old butler even poisoned her

    Chapter 3 - Regina Rena – To the Unforgiven · 2022-12-03T10:16:03Z


    I mean... We all play by ourselves sometimes

    Chapter 76 - The Greatest Estate Designer · 2022-12-03T10:15:46Z


    This one is just sad.

    Damn Vampire-Chan · 2022-12-03T10:14:33Z


    They're from the same family, just mc was from an outer branch, and was adopted into an the main branch. That makes them cousins.

    Chapter 43 - Damn Reincarnation · 2022-12-03T10:11:39Z

    Dat Folk

    don't make this guy to be an evil croonies, his daughter is pretty funny

    Chapter 100 - The Strongest Ever · 2022-12-03T10:09:24Z

    Casual Reader

    I stand corrected, and hopefully it stays that way.

    Chapter 39: Indecision - Gunjou Senki · 2022-12-03T10:09:01Z


    it's the other way m8 cuz [respawn] takes u back to a specific place in ur own body while [reincarnation] takes u to a random place in time and space inside a different body(usually) lol

    Chapter 431: S5-082 (Season 5 Finale) - The Gamer · 2022-12-03T10:07:33Z