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    Xeapher Innz

    yup another dragon spotted.. Maya ready to aim xD

    Chapter 103 - Rinjin-chan ga Shinpai · 2023-01-30T12:06:41Z


    idk why i said that too :>

    anyway i think it was because flashplayer said "bot don't" and bot still added anyway, so "his efforts were futile", as for the death part, idk .

    Stalker x Stalker · 2023-01-30T12:05:47Z

    Elroid Tiereon

    I know almost all of them. Dropped a few too, since they went into being such a waste of time, but surprisingly there are still some that are not bad at all.

    Fun fact. There's only one story about a guy that gets into that "got kick" trope, but instead the guy quits. And it's actually a good, if a bit tropey, one: "A Rank Party wo Ridatsu Shita Ore wa, Moto Oshiego Tachi to Meikyuu Shinbu wo Mezasu"

    My S-Rank Party Fired Me for Being a Cursificer ~ I Can Only Make “Cursed Items”, but They're Artifact Class! · 2023-01-30T12:05:22Z

    Jim Marvelous

    Why do I love cold women the most , their attitude is so endearing 🥰🥰

    Chapter 39 - When the Villainess Loves · 2023-01-30T12:03:42Z

    Rimuru Tempest

    please explain it to me

    Stalker x Stalker · 2023-01-30T12:01:32Z


    MC keep getting Yamcha-ed by team leader, lol.

    Chapter 31 - Genius of the Unique Lineage · 2023-01-30T11:56:21Z