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    Casey Brown

    Honestly mc seems to mostly not care. But yeah hopefully there will be consequences this time.

    Chapter 79 - Seoul Station Druid · 2022-12-01T17:20:58Z

    Fushi samurai

    Luckily, I have the power to travel in time, so I'm basically 5 months ahead of you

    Chapter 3: Night flight - Song of the Night Walkers · 2022-12-01T17:20:27Z

    Neko Majin C

    I guess you are just going to have to watch your daughter roll your wife.

    Chapter 256 - Karakai Jouzu no (Moto) Takagi-san · 2022-12-01T17:19:48Z


    What I like from this manwha is there's a logic behind MC's regression at the last chapter of its novel.

    Chapter 115 - Kill the Hero · 2022-12-01T17:18:06Z


    An enjoyable read. 8.3/10. Wasn't a fan of the age gap, but the well-written characters drew me in. Very realistic, and it gives very interesting perspectives on life. Readers might be disappointed and/or unsatisfied with the ending, but I thought it was a fitting one.
    Give it a shot, even if you don't think it's your cup of tea.

    Download Manga: Koi wa Amaagari no You ni - MangaKatana · 2022-12-01T17:17:53Z


    this is just Made In Abyss tentacle hentaied with a bonus of isekai

    Chapter 2: Tentacles and Sacrifice - Tentacle Hole · 2022-12-01T17:15:44Z

    typeOU et co

    reading comprehension at an all-time low. More news at 9pm

    Chapter 73: Wlavoras Prison - Mairimashita! Iruma-kun · 2022-12-01T17:13:25Z

    Visal Mak

    It is time to make a big nuke and drop them from a hot air balloon on the church headquarters

    Chapter 125: Return to the Stronghold - Release That Witch · 2022-12-01T17:10:25Z


    I think they increased the reproduction rate of the cells themselves?

    Chapter 142 - Eternal Club · 2022-12-01T17:09:52Z