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    What about i am just interested,
    "whether author will take it somewhere intriguing" or just usual ecchi shit

    Chapter 2 - Shed! Ryugasaki-San · 2022-12-02T09:46:53Z


    Y'know, I never knew what he was chanting. Thanks for that. Belatedly.

    Chapter 19 - Seoul Station Druid · 2022-12-02T09:46:23Z


    Right, because a humble cleaner speaking directly to the top dog happens all the time....

    Chapter 9 - Clever Cleaning Life Of The Returned Genius Hunter · 2022-12-02T09:45:53Z


    Wow, the quality goes up again.
    Nice, very nice.

    Chapter 133 - Murim Login · 2022-12-02T09:43:04Z

    Dat Folk

    oh, like, they were trying to gather some more troops and scatters it around but there's fail-safe where it would explode when dig and make the whole program starts

    Chapter 76 - The Greatest Estate Designer · 2022-12-02T09:42:28Z


    Not that specifically, but I too thought MC was going to do something more tricky to make it happen.

    I totally forgot about that massive strike special attack, of course MC would use that

    Chapter 133 - Murim Login · 2022-12-02T09:42:27Z

    Chun ∞ω∞

    I dunno, I’m just thinking that maybe they wanted to hide it as much as possible until the last moment

    Chapter 76 - The Greatest Estate Designer · 2022-12-02T09:40:27Z


    This slime boss is probably based on Demon's Souls first boss.

    Chapter 8 - Clever Cleaning Life Of The Returned Genius Hunter · 2022-12-02T09:37:20Z


    Now after reading it, I get this feeling of serenity even though I couldn't get what I wanted, moving on still feels like a great option. not gonna lie, a bit disappointed tho

    Chapter 140: Afterwords - Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell · 2022-12-02T09:35:45Z