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    I can't remember. I've scoured for a while through the romance tag. I'll get back to you if I figure it out.

    Chapter 88 - Boku no Kokoro no Yabai yatsu · 2022-05-23T17:59:41Z


    Tomie always says about caviar and mentions spain and france, maybe this is the las fragment of memory that are passed on ... but knowing itou it will be probably nothing

    Chapter 12: Orphan Girl - Tomie · 2022-05-23T17:58:37Z


    hayato is already 20 here, why do i feel like the age was being nelected

    Chapter 49: A Bolt Out of the Blue - Goddess Café Terrace · 2022-05-23T17:57:32Z


    But he didn’t slide tackle he just kicked the ball out and they both fell

    Chapter 57: Episode 57 - Build Up · 2022-05-23T17:57:02Z


    Hm that’s true but it still kinda fucked up

    Chapter 140 - Perfect Half · 2022-05-23T17:56:27Z