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    It's pushing three years now. This has almost caught up to the light novel.

    Chapter 415.5 - Tales of Demons and Gods · 2023-02-03T01:29:44Z

    Burning Phoenix

    I feel like the king needs a new crown
    The current one looks like bunch of doritos
    . . . Doritos
    Eh I guess it's still cool then

    Chapter 45 - Inaka no Home Center Otoko no Jiyuu na Isekai Seikatsu · 2023-02-03T01:29:13Z


    Best Girl finally wins! And is winning right in front of the other two.

    Chapter 131: Beyond two-timing - Kanojo mo Kanojo · 2023-02-03T01:28:02Z


    I'm honestly just here to see how it ends, no longer really care about what's currently happening anymore. This series just hasn't been as enjoyable since the island invasion arc started.

    Chapter 116 - Sousei no Onmyouji · 2023-02-03T01:25:11Z


    oh mami? yea she a bitch, she’s the ex gf who feels the need to torment the mc for no apparent reason even though *she* broke up with him. idk if that changed cause i’ve heard some other stuff abt her from people who read further along

    Kanojo, Okarishimasu - MangaKatana · 2023-02-03T01:24:09Z

    Chun ∞ω∞

    that berserk skill looked more like demonic or bestial transformation... was Islat part beast or demon?

    Chapter 12 - Pick Me Up! · 2023-02-03T01:23:10Z

    "God Of Death"

    That is so stupid wtf XD LMAO and it's so easy to imagine Emma doing that!!

    Chapter 27 - The Tanaka Family Reincarnates · 2023-02-03T01:22:19Z


    pls still do it, i expected the generic outcome and got surprised.
    if i had read your comment the entire moment would have been ruined for me

    Chapter 27 - Bon Appétit! · 2023-02-03T01:21:02Z


    Yeah same, he was just randomly part of the bully-in-charge- project

    Chapter 48 - The Bully In-Charge · 2023-02-03T01:21:00Z

    Chun ∞ω∞

    damn good job on portraying the intensity

    Chapter 11 - Pick Me Up! · 2023-02-03T01:19:04Z


    I'm kinda dense. Can someone explain what she meant by "don't do this on me?"

    Chapter 13: Shia-san is looking at me - I'm in Love with the Older Girl Next Door · 2023-02-03T01:18:25Z